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The terrorist is killed but he manages to shoot at Mahadevan.Mahadevan is covered by Jaikumar, who gets hit by the bullet and dies. Major Ravi, a resigned officer of the Indian army, planned a film on Kashmir militancy based on real-life incidents while he was under duty in counter-terrorism activities in Punjab & Kashmir.It was a critical and commercial success at the box office.The film was re-shot released into Tamil titled Aran Major Mahadevan (Mohanlal) is an officer deputed to the National Security Guards (NSG).He wrote the film which reveals the actual mode of working of Islamic terrorist groups within India: their recruitment, training, target choosing, terror strikes, propaganda, and how Indian armed forces tackle the attacks via its special services forces. Chaudhary of Super Good Films, a major production house in Tamil Nadu, to produce the film.The movie develops with this backdrop and tries to convey the dedication and selfless service defence personnel exhibit while on duty. The film was to re-shot and released Tamil as well.

They locate the terrorist and Mahadevan recognises the man as the one who killed his wife and daughter.Meanwhile, a group of terrorists from Afghanistan and Pakistan conspire to hit the Hazratbal Shrine with a missile; they think this will create unrest in the region and that the Indian army will be blamed.They hijack a house that offers a good vantage point on the shrine and plant the missile there.See full summary » The story begins with the fall of Mangalasherry Neelakantan's (Mohanlal) son Karthikeyan (Mohanlal), as he ventures out to make money which ultimately makes him a liquor baron. There are some exceptions like Tango Charlie which is an all army film. From the very first scene to the very last scene its Commando Operations, whats actually happening in Kashmir actually. Its definitely one of the best war movie ever made in India. Till this date there wasn't many movies with army in prime focus in India.

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He has been assigned to counter-terrorism duties in Kashmir and commands an elite group of NSG commandos.

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