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Treated at General Hospital for cut on his forehead after being punched by Levi Dunkleman [Jun 17, 2014] Held at gunpoint, assaulted, and tied up by Levi Dunkleman [Aug 12, 2014] Beaten by Victor Cassadine's associates while being held captive at Creighton-Clark Clinic [Sep 8, 2014] Shot in the shoulder by Jason Morgan [Dec 8, 2014] Detective Nathan West arrived in Port Charles determined to solve a twenty year old police case.

He procured a position at the Port Charles Police Department from Anna Devane and evaded the commissioner's questions regarding his decision to leave the New York City police force.

Silas admitted that he had been involved with Ava years ago but insisted that he did not bring harm to his wife.

Afterwards Nathan and Maxie shared a kiss and she agreed to go on a date with him.Nathan's plan to help Maxie backfired when the judge received an anonymous tip that Nathan had lied under oath and she was denied custody.Levi blamed Nathan for Maxie's continued separation from her daughter although Maxie did not agree.She paid her son Nathan a visit and he explained that his plan to seek justice for his older sister Nina was underway.He assured his mother that Silas had not recognized him as Nina's younger brother and that no one in town knew that his real name was James Nathan Reeves.

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Maxie and Nathan continued their friendship until Levi accused Nathan of reporting his illegal immigration status.

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