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I just wanted to look "cool" and I didn't know that they were hurting you.

I still hung out with you but you were never happy.

Looking for fellow wiccans in Michigan, Ohio, New York, or Texas?

We have members from California, Arizona and Oregon, as well as Missouri, Kentucky, Florida and even Hawaii.

Meanness is unacceptable behavior from anyone, regardless of their gender.

I took you for granted, whispered untruths, and left you alone when you needed me most. I’m sorry you feel like you have to wear makeup to cover up your gorgeous face and birthmark. Every time you come over which is like once or twice a year your on your phone. You tell me but I just kinda ignore and forget and then start laughing again. I really want to try and get to know you better no laughing and no fun. I love you (like a friend love..) and I want to always be there when you need me.

I was at my friends house and we were watching mean girls. I knew it was a bad idea but i made the book any ways.

She told me to bring it to school to give to her so i did and i gave it to her.

Kindly, Past Self I was bullied throughout my middle school years.

It took a while, but eventually everything got better.

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My 11 year-old daughter attended one of your assemblies yesterday at her school, and she had some interesting comments to make on our ride home.