Entourage stuck and updating message list

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Entourage stuck and updating message list

While there, she witnessed Vidian murdering the Neimoidian guild director Palfa for refusing to implement an age cap on workers.

Later, she witnessed a freight pilot named Kanan Jarrus standing up to Vidian when the Count accosted an elderly worker named Okadiah Garson.

While Hera admired Kanan's courageous and wanted to recruit him, she decided to focus on her mission to investigate Vidian's reason for visiting the Gorse system.

Unknown to Hera, Kanan was a former Jedi Padawan who had survived the Jedi Purge.

Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi who survived Order 66, joined her during the Gorse conflict.

Following the defeat of the Separatists, the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire which refused to leave Ryloth.

As a result, the Twi'lek Resistance led by her father Cham launched a resistance struggle against the Empire.

Hetto worked at the Transcept Media Solutions' Myder's Mynocks surveillance division and had managed to contact Hera via Holo Net.s transponder signal, Hera managed to infiltrate the mining moon of Cynda, which was home to vast reserves of thorilide, crystals used in the manufacture of deflector shields.

Upon landing, she knocked out a stormtrooper, who demanded to see her ID.

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