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Embryo measurements dating site

These represent, he said, 'two solid issues in which there is a real difference between a strong consensus in the science community and the response of the administration to that consensus.'" There's a world of difference between Kennedy's two examples.

For climate change, he's alleging that the Bush administration ignored or misrepresented the data in order to advance their political agenda. But for stem-cell, the Bush administration didn't deny that stem cell had medical promise.

Their relief is understandable, but the rhetoric is disturbing.

A team of researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in Boston published a series of experiments Thursday showing that synthetic biological signals can quickly reprogram ordinary skin cells into entities that appear virtually identical to embryonic stem cells.Now, the entire field of embryonic stem-cell research may prove to be completely extraneous.That is, adult stem cells, with a few modifications, appear to be able to do everything embryonic stem cells can do, and there's no need to kill babies to get them.Rossi of the Children's Hospital Boston, who led the research published in the journal Cell Stem Cell."We now have an experimental paradigm for generating patient-specific cells highly efficiently and safely and also taking those cells to clinically useful cell types."Scientists hope stem cells will lead to cures for diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, spinal cord injuries, heart attacks and many other ailments because they can turn into almost any tissue in the body, potentially providing an invaluable source of cells to replace those damaged by disease or injury.

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It's increasingly apparent that this argument was correct. In fact, even the Harvard team using i PS cells Rossi and other researchers, however, said that embryonic stem cells are still crucial because, among other things, they remain irreplaceable for evaluating alternatives.

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