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Such a divorce, therefore, is a spiritual failure and should prompt those involved to focus on the Lord and not on seeking to replace the one being divorced.

In either case, the innocent spouse is mostly likely in a state of emotional turmoil and vulnerability.

"Moral" issues, including infidelities and outside relationships, had the potential to influence the outcome of the case, where modern decisions usually allow parties to make their own decisions throughout the divorce process.

This involves the decision to date before a divorce is finalized.

Most marriages in Bible times were arranged, and any contact between two prospective spouses was strictly monitored.

In addition, no matter what view one takes on the issue of divorce, it is important to remember Malachi : “‘I hate divorce,’ says the LORD, the God of Israel” (NAS).

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At our firm, we don't tell our clients that they cannot date, but we will keep them advised of any impact that their decisions may have in the divorce process. Being discreet and respectful can go a long way in the divorce process. Attorney Lisa Zuckerman is also experienced with cases involving Facebook and divorce.